Sergey Shishkin

software craftsmanship in practice

What I Do?

Trainings & Workshops

While all my trainings and workshops are highly interactive and individual, trainings provide generally applicable knowledge, when workshops are tailored to specific client needs.

Following trainings and workshops are available:

Coaching & Consulting

As a coach my aim is to become obsolete after establishing continuous learning culture and providing a multitude of perspectives on the subject of coaching. Consulting is a continuous engagement focused on sharing or applying my expertise to the problem at hand.

Contact me to request coaching or consulting for agile adoption, lean architecture, web and hypermedia API design or productive software development.

Software Development

I develop clean and maintainable software fast. Starting with a big picture of a system I craft software architecture from independent and reusable components.

Methods at my disposal include lean architecture, test-driven development, functional programming, continuous integration and delivery. I use Clojure, Scala, C#, Java and JavaScript as programming languages. I work as a remote freelance developer or as an on-site contractor. Hire me.